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Master Fic Post

Master post of my fics. Will be updated as I go, honest! Yeah, I fell really behind on updating this. Your best bet is to go to AO3.
First, my pr_au100...

This is a Mystic Force AU, based on the Dark Wish episodes. Here's my summary:
Somewhere, all wishes come true.

In a world a breath away from the one we know, the darkness overwhelms Udonna before she can bring the Mystic force together. Fleeing from the Master’s Herald, Koragg, Clare meets a familiar stranger. Old Rangers rise to meet new enemies. Four teens cling together as their world falls apart. And throughout the magical community, sides are chosen for the final battle…

“You don’t need a morpher to be a hero. Heroes become Rangers.

Not the other way around.”

This table is in the order provided by [profile] pr_au100
001.Beginnings 002.Endings 003.Somewhere In Between 004.First 005.Dead Last
006.Sunrise 007.Sunset 008.Too Much 009.Not Enough 010.Sixth Sense
011.Uh-oh! 012.Success 013.A Real Big Problem 014.Save the Day 015.Villain (antagonist)
016.King 017.Queen 018.Joker 019.Sidekick 020.Evil is Fun!
021.Water 022.Fire 023.Earth 024.Air 025.Spirit
026.Just Passing Through 027.Fight! 028.You only Hurt the Ones you Love 029.School 030.Music
031.Broken 032.Fixed 033.Light 034.Shadow 035.Shattered
036.Destruction 037.What was that? 038.Against All Odds 039.Missing 040.Choices
041.Hopelessness 042.Blind 043.Deaf 044.Reluctant Hero 045.Attitude
046.What has gone before 047.Parents 048.Life 049.Leaving it all behind 050.Robot
051.Red 052.Blue 053.Green 054.Yellow 055.Pink
056.White 057.Black 058.Morph! (change) 059.Keeping It Secret 060.Welcome to the Club
061.What cool toys you have! 062.Zords (vehicles) 063.Hours 064.Time Warp 065.Teammates
066.Friends 067.Enemies 068.Lovers 069.Family 070.Strangers
071.Heart 072.Diamond in the Rough 073.Agony 074.Healing 075.Storm
076.Rain 077.Snow 078.Sun 079.Moon 080.Star
081.Breakfast 082.Lunch 083.Dinner 084.Drink 085.Resistance is Futile
086.Winter 087.Spring 088.Summer 089.Fall 090.A New Year
091.Birthday 092.Holiday 093.Thank You 094.Lost 095.Found
096.Writer‘s Choice: Honour 097.Writer‘s Choice: Wisdom to Lead 098.Writer‘s Choice: Obey 099.Writer‘s Choice: To Sleep 100.Writer‘s Choice: Perchance to Dream

And this one is in reading order. Just in case. :D
001.Endings 002.You Only Hurt the Ones you Love 003.Hopelessness 004.Sunset 005.Save the Day
006.Not Enough 007.Strangers 008.Uh Oh! 009.A Real Big Problem 010.Evil is Fun!
011.What Cool Toys you Have! 012.Sunrise 013.King 014.Queen 015.Joker
016.Sidekick 017.Destruction 018.School 019.Beginnings 020.Writer's Choice: To Sleep
021.Just Passing Through 022.Teammates 023.Welcome to the Club 024.Resistance is Futile 025.Keeping it Secret
026.Water 027.Fire 028.Earth 029.Air 030.Spirit
031.Music 032.Robot 033.Thank You 034.Villain (Antagonist) 035.Parents
036.Sucess 037.Breakfast 038.Leaving it all Behind 039.Deaf 040.Snow
041.Moon 042.Too Much 043.Choices 044.Sixth Sense 045.Against all Odds
046.Lunch 047.What has Gone Before 048.Rain 049.Writer's Choice: Obey 050.Storm
051.Shattered 052.Somewhere in Between 053.Diamond in the Rough 054.Broken 055.Healing
056.Fixed 057.Writer's Choice: Wisdom to lead 058.Writer's Choice: Perchance to Dream 059.Lost 060.Family
061.Blind 062.Attitude 063.Fight! 064.Birthday 065.Hours
066.Reluctant Hero 067.Enemies 068.Zords (Vehicles) 069.Shadow 070.Green
071.Pink 072.Missing 073.What was That? 074.Writer's Choice: Honour 075.Yellow
076.Time Warp 077.Dinner 078.Light 079.Life 080.White
081.Agony 082.Friends 083.Found 084.Blue 085.Summer
086.Drink 087.Sun 088.Winter 089.Heart 090.Red
091.Dead Last 092.Spring 093.Star 094.Lovers 095.First
096.Holiday 097.Fall 098.Black 099.A New Year 100.Morph! (Change)

You can also read it in two parts, Part 1 and Part 2.

A Very Mega Christmas (Or, The Megaship Crew Go To The Panto

Friends in Odd Places RJ and Dominic knew each other years before the Rangers.

The Ranger's Rest Multi season
There's a lot of strange things about being a Ranger. Ranger's Rest is one of the strangest.

Chapter one Fran, Dom, RJ, background Jungle Fury, background others, Ranger's Rest staff

Chapter Two Adam, Fran, Dom, Max, Danny, Carlos, background Zhane, Rose, Kelsey

Chapter Three Merrick, Jayden, Cole, background Samurai Rangers

Chapter Four Adam, Tommy, background Cole, others

Chapter Five Andros, Kim

Chapter Six Merrick, Adam, Jayden, Antonio, Fran, Zhane, background others (This chapter has SPOILERS for the Samurai episode Fight fire with Fire)

Chapter Seven Adam, Cam, Zhane, Retro Rangers

Chapter Eight RJ, Kat, OO Rangers, background others

Chapter Nine RJ, Eric

Chapter Ten Kai, Wes

Chapter Eleven Trini, Ziggy

Chapter Twelve Everyone; Prank War, part one

Chapter Thirteen Everyone; Prank War, part two

Chapter Fourteen Jayden, Lauren, Merrick, Cole

Chapter Fifteen Zhane, Adam, Cassie, TJ, Chip

Chapter Sixteen Kim, Kat, Kevin

Chapter Seventeen Wes, Jen, others

Chapter Eighteen Cam, Adam, Fran, all Reds through Samurai

Slavery, Deliverance and Faith

He has no memory, knows nothing but this one fact: the Rangers will pay for what they've done to him.
Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four

The other side of Slavery
Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapter Seven

...and Faith
Jayden struggles with the memory of his time under Master Zandred.
Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three + Four Chapter Five Chapter Six

Tomorrow People/Sea Patrol
Untitled Ro left a lot of things behind when he joined the Australian Navy.

My NaNo novel, 2008; Joy to be Claimed, a Jungle Fury/SGA/SG1/Heroes crossover.

Prologue: In which everything you knew changes, and Zordon appears for the only time this story.
Chapter 1:In which some mild violence happens, and Peter does that thing he does.
Chapter 2: In which nothing really happens, and everyone gets closer to meeting up.
Chapter 3: In which Peter is annoyingly vague, Jack is annoyed, and Rodney is annoying.
Chapter 4: In which we finally meet the Rangers, Peter creeps Nathan out, and Sam does something that would probably worry Jack if he understood it.
Chapter 5: In which RJ has a problem, John has no problems, and Dom doesn't quite grasp the problem.
Chapter 6: In which Peter freaks out the Rangers and John thinks about Meta.
Chapter 7: In which Peter is surprising, and Jack and the team are surprised. But not by Peter.
Chapter 8: In which Dom takes things into his own hands, and Jack indulges in some B&E.
Chapter 9 In which Jack and his team meets RJ and his team, and Mohinder and *his* team tries to keep them from killing each other. With mixed results.
Chapter 10 In which there's lots of talking, and some people get mildly bruised.
Chapter 11 In which John pisses off Rodney, Nathan pisses off Jack, and Mohinder starts to get a clue.
Chapter 12 In which RJ is serene, Nathan is wary, and John is easily amused.
Chapter 13 In which Mohinder talks at RJ, Jack talks at Mohinder, and Elizabeth talks at everyone.
Chapter 14 In which Casey has a crisis of faith and Cam has a crisis of understanding.
Chapter 15 In which Daniel, Mohinder and Peter discuss the history of the SGC, cleverly disguised as Peter using his telepathy.
Chapter 16 In which Peter doesn't quite grasp 'secret identity', the Rangers don't quite grasp 'inter team cooperation', and Jack doesn't quite grasp 'secret base'.
Chapter 17 In which there is much discussion of Meta, and Dominic threatens Daniel, or maybe he doesn't.
Chapter 18 In which the Heroes enjoy sneaking up on Jack, and the expedition's Meta is metaphorically unmasked.
Chapter 19 In which a plan is formed, and my favourite line I've ever written about Dom turns up.
Chapter 20 In whic my meandering plot threads come together, as various Rangers, Meta mutants and/or experts, and members of SGI head to Atlantis, where most of the rest of the plot will take place.
Chapter 21 In which Lily gets schooled, Dominic learns things, and Peter finds out some new stuff.
Chapter 22 In which Peter does not help Elizabeth, John does not trust the Rangers or Meta, and then RJ runs away.
Chapter 23 In which RJ is found, Peter proves his worth, and things start going very, very bad.
Chapter 24 In which Sylar appears, Zelenka is found, and Sylar reappears. Or doesn't. It's hard to tell, sometimes.
Chapter 25 In which RJ gets worse, Peter gets better, and things get confusing.
Chapter 26 In which Sylar is dealt which, RJ probably gets better, and Casey is bottling things up. Has he never seen his own show?
Chapter 27 In which things are looking up. No, really, they are.
Chapter 28 In which things get brighter before the second half of the plot arrives.
Chapter 29 In which Theo, Lily and Daniel are in trouble, Casey and Dom make trouble, and John is troubled.
Chapter 30 In which Theo, Lily and Daniel are smarmed at, Elizabeth and Mohinder explain parts of the plot, and John goes into battle.
Chapter 31 In which most everything is settled in preparation for the end of the fic next week.
Chapter 32 In which everyone goes home. Or stays home, if they were there already.

My first couple of Mentalist fics. I'm currently dabbling in this fandom.

On the Outside, Looking In
Working with Patrick Jane has taught Lisbon a lot about what goes on under the surface, about what people hide. About what Jane hides, every day. From everyone.

On the Inside, Looking Out
Jane knows the rules as well as anyone. He doesn't agree with them, but he knows them.

The Sarah Jane Adventures
The Fury of a Storm
Ficathon entry for the prompt: Sarah Jane and the kids dealing with the events of Torchwood: Children of Earth
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

Every Darkest Sky
Ficathon entry: This is a loose interpretation of two prompts: "Sarah Jane didn't find Luke - maybe UNIT did, or some other alien, or even the Doctor. What happens and what does Luke become without her guidance and his friends?” and “Luke as a bad guy. How does Team Sarah Jane take him down?” Notice I said loose interpretation. :D
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six

Strange Encounters
Cracktastic. Alan and Rani meet vampires. Double drabble.
Strange Encounters

Cuckoo in the Nest
Response to the prompt A situation based on some plot element from series 5. Spoilers for Sky, series five.
Cuckoo in the Nest

Night Terrors
Connor's had a bad day, and it's up to Lester to pick up the pieces. Tag for 3.5

On a Knife Edge
Chapter one
Chapter two
Chapter three

Hidden Depths
Being on an ARC field team means a lot of paperwork. Matt's reveals a surprising secret buried in the ARC's past.
Hidden Depths

Alice, 2009 (Syfy)
Learn to Fall
Even in Wonderland, fairy tales hadn't come true in a very long time. Hatter and Alice face their Happy Ever After.

Light up the Sky, a Charmed/SGA Xover
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8

And last, for now, my ongoing SGA saga. Complete with the beautiful banner made just for me by [profile] jadetate. Love you!


38 Minutes : Suspicion
The Storm
The Eye
Hot Zone
Before I Sleep
Letters from Pegasus
Siege part one, part two and part three.
Grace under Pressure
The Tower
The Long Goodbye (Posted out of order)
The Return