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Please note, this story contains a reference to Red Indians. I haven't edited, because I'm trying to keep these stories intact as they were written in the eighties, but be aware it's there.

The Creation of Man )
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There's some mood whiplash at the end of this one. Sorry about that.

Narana's Strange Journey )
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The Last Slice of Rainbow )

Behind the curve as always, I have gotten myself a Tumbly. Anyone got one and want to leave me your user name? :D
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I'm in an awful writing slump. Despite having projects on the go that I'm really excited about, I just can't get anything done in them. So instead, I'm transcribing stories from a collection I've had - well, all my life; they were published when I was one and two years old.

I know they're not as good without the illustrations and the narration - they came with audio tapes - but I hope someone enjoys them a little.

The Shoe Tree )
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I'm posting this to a fic list that only allows quite small entries, so it's going up there in bits and bobs. I'll update a little slower here but in larger chunks.

New Series Tomorrow People. Enjoy.

Endless Night, Dawning Day )
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Ok, y'all, I'm going friends only. I've been getting a lot of spam comments and I want to see if this helps. I'm applying it to all my entries, so you won't be able to look back unless you're logged in.

Sorry if this bothers anyone.

I would not refuse a nice friends only banner if one was offered me. Just throwing that out there. :D
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So this is technically the epilogue to a fic I'm struggling madly with. It stands alone, though, so it was suggested that I post it to give myself a boost.

Fandom: Primeval. In case you can't tell, this is set immediately after ep 4.1

On a Knife Edge )