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Master post of my fics. Will be updated as I go, honest! Yeah, I fell really behind on updating this. Your best bet is to go to AO3.
First, my pr_au100...
BDT one, prompt order. )

BDT two, reading order. )

Power Rangers in Space )

Power Rangers: Jungle Fury )

The Ranger's Rest )

Power Rangers Samurai )

Tomorrow People/Sea Patrol XOver, untitled )

My NaNo novel, 2008; Joy to be Claimed, a Jungle Fury/SGA/SG1/Heroes crossover.

Chapter list )

Mentalist...currently a series, one shots to come. )

The Sarah Jane Adventures )

Primeval )

Alice )

Light up the Sky, a Charmed/SGA Xover
Chapter list )

And last, for now, my ongoing SGA saga. Complete with the beautiful banner made just for me by [profile] jadetate. Love you!

Help from Unexpected Places )
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Last chapter. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 8 )
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Because it's been almost a month since I posted...sorry about that...here's the links to the rest of the chapters, in case you want to catch up.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

Chapter 7 )
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The joke in this part is that the Culture Centre is an invention of [personal profile] jadelyntate's, created for an SGA fic she wrote. Because she likes to visually cast her fics, she had Holly Marie Combs as Nicole, head of the Culture Centre, with all the other Charmed characters playing various people. The only other one mentioned here is her brother, Oliver, 'played' by Drew Fuller, better known to us as Chris Perry Halliwell.

Light up the Sky, chapter 4 )
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Chapter three. I still own nothing except the glowing sense of pride I get when someone reviews. :D

Chapter three )
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Part two! Still don't own them. ::Goes trawling for comms to post to::

Light up the Sky )
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This was originally my Script Frenzy project in April last year, making it about a year and a half old. It's set just after the final episode of Stargate: Atlantis and two years after the end of Charmed, with no adjustments made for the comics. I own neither series.

It's seven or eight chapters long.

Light up the Sky )


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