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Jan. 13th, 2011 01:30 pm
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Master post of my fics. Will be updated as I go, honest! Yeah, I fell really behind on updating this. Your best bet is to go to AO3.
First, my pr_au100...
BDT one, prompt order. )

BDT two, reading order. )

Power Rangers in Space )

Power Rangers: Jungle Fury )

The Ranger's Rest )

Power Rangers Samurai )

Tomorrow People/Sea Patrol XOver, untitled )

My NaNo novel, 2008; Joy to be Claimed, a Jungle Fury/SGA/SG1/Heroes crossover.

Chapter list )

Mentalist...currently a series, one shots to come. )

The Sarah Jane Adventures )

Primeval )

Alice )

Light up the Sky, a Charmed/SGA Xover
Chapter list )

And last, for now, my ongoing SGA saga. Complete with the beautiful banner made just for me by [profile] jadetate. Love you!

Help from Unexpected Places )
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How about PRS Lauren and PRJF Lily hanging out, much to the terror of PRS Jayden and PRJF Casey, who wonder what they could possibly be up to?

This was hard and it's not even quite to prompt... )


Feb. 18th, 2017 08:57 pm
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I've been writer's blocked for a while now. Anyone want to help out? Gimmie a character and a prompt, as general or specific as you like. Y'all know my fandoms and favourites. I can't promise anything, of course, but hopefully something will knock loose....
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My mother and I are thinking about getting my father a Fitbit for Christmas, mostly because he already has All the Tech. I have a general idea what they do; she is not very good at technology in general. Does anyone have one, or know about them, and can explain in small, friendly words? He doesn't do a lot of deliberate exercise but he does walk most days.

Thank you a million times in advance.
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I am, as always, considering Nano. No decisions yet, but if I do it, it will most likely be a crossover, since I have the most luck with those. So help me out. :D

Should I do it?


Given that my primary fandom involves a virus killing off everyone over the age of 17, what fandom should I cross it with?
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Gobbolino is the story I remember most from my childhood. Like, if you don't like this, you may as well just unfriend me now, that is how much I love this story. This version is shortened and adapted from Ursula Moray William's novel, which I only read years later when I was in charge of ordering books for the children's bookshop I worked in before my current job.

Also, I have figured out, I think, how to embed the audio files for these stories; I'll go back and do the old ones over the next little while. I would really, really appreciate you guys letting me know if A) it works, and B) you prefer it with or without audio.

Gobbolino is in four parts.

Gobbolino the Witch's Cat )

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Back from my holidays and back to posting. Sad ending and Christian-centric, this one. I wasn't going to include it because I thought it was well known, but I guess I'm biased.

The Selfish Giant )

The original version )
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I almost didn't include this story. It's always upset me, a little bit. But I promised myself when I started this that I'd do all the stories, barring the ones everyone knows already. So, here it is.

First Flight )